Photos: Gap of Dunloe

After walking through the National Park, we decided we had time for one more stop on our way back to our airbnb. We drove up to the Gap of Dunloe and had lunch at Kate Kearney’s Cottage. 

The weather was typical Ireland we have come to know, windy and drizzling rain. They have horse and traps to take people up the gap, but they were all covered with tarps and looked like they weren’t running. We decided anyway to walk up the gap for a bit on the chance that the rain cleared up. 

Of course it did clear up, though by then we were too far to hire a trap, so we walked a little more way and took a lot of photos, then walked back. 

It was a very beautiful spot, and I think we wished we had dedicated a whole day to it, but it was still worth it. 

This is also the closest we got to the Ring of Kerry, but it was still another 1.5 hours or more away and we were out of time. Something for next time I guess.